1. Smart city in resource management & sustainable ecosystem
  2. Spatial data acquisition through RS and GIS in resource management & sustainable ecosystem
  3. Ecological and environmental data processing and management
  4. Advanced geospatial model and analysis for understanding ecological and environmental process
  5. Applications of Geo-Informatics in resource management & sustainable ecosystem
  Invited talk 1:
  Dr. Ismail Rakip Karas
  Karabuk University, Turkey
  Research Interests:
  GeoInformatics, Geographic Information Systems, GIS, Three Dimensional
  Geographic Information Systems (3DGIS), Network Analyses, Software Development for GIS, Web based GIS, Geo-Databases, Spatial Data Structures, Computer Graphics, Computational Geometry, Image Processing, Graph Theory, Location Based Services
  Speech Title: 3D Network Analyses based on Smart Evacuation System for Indoor
  Invited talk 2:
  Dr. Huan Yu
  Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  Research Area:
  Intelligent Simulation of Landscape Changes; Remote Sensing Application
  Education Backgrounds:
  2013 - Working as Associate Professor at Chengdu University of Technology;
  2012 - 2014 Working as post-doctoral scientist at Chengdu University of Technology;
  2010 - 2013 Working as lecturer at Chengdu University of Technology;
  Invited talk 3:
  Singapore Management University,Singapore
  Teaching and Research Interests
  Operations Research and Operations Management / Business Analytics
  Logistics and Supply Chain Management / Applied Statistics
  Decisions Science/ Mathematical Modelling and Optimisation
  Scheduling and Timetabling/ Multivariate Statistics /Artificial Intelligence Systems
  Speech related to resource management: Orienteering Problem where we need to consider time as our resource and how we manage it in order to visit certain locations with the objective of maximizing our preference.